Culture Experiences

Japanese Culture Experiences

Ever wanted your own class to learn more about Japan? Now you can!

Things To Do Osaka offers a unique cultural experience where visitors can engage in authentic Japanese pastimes. Daily workshops provide a fun introduction to cultural activities such as the traditional tea ceremony, Japanese calligraphy, origami, Kendo martial arts and much more. All of these classes are taught by professionals in their field and all at one convenient location of Things To Do Osaka.
Why should you choose Things To Do Osaka over other courses out there? It is only here that friendly staff welcome you to classrooms styled as traditional Japanese homes. Each workshop is in English and the professionals wish to show you the meaning, symbolism and subtle beauty involved in every aspect of Japanese culture and their ancient way of life.
These workshops are essential for any visitor or resident as they provide more than just a token experience. They provide an appreciation of Japan’s diverse culture. What is impressive is that Things To Do Osaka does all this right in the heart of this country’s historic cities. Make these workshops a part of your travel itinerary or daily plans today.

Japanese Tea Ceremony Workshop